Mountain biking would be nowhere without its strong community of rider-workers. Whether they built the local mountain bike scene or sprouted up because of it, every good trail system has a dedicated group of people working (often behind the scenes) to keep it thriving. From the trail builders shaping the dirt to the lodging owners taking a chance on tourism to the bartender pouring your post-ride pint, these people are the heart of every vibrant mountain bike scene.

In the first episode of Salsa Bikes #fortheloveofdirt serie we travel to Cumberland, BC, where local villagers are buying land back from timber companies to cultivate a biking and hiking paradise. With more than 170 trails winding through the lush mountain landscape and a town full of friendly faces, “Dodge City” is about earn a spot on your must-ride list.

Produced and Directed: Matt Clark/Stirl and Rae Media Haus, Jeff Bartlett/ Jeff Bartlett Media

Audio: Kevin horton

Graphics: Rob Faulkner

CLIENT: Salsa Bikes

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